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RPB 100 Job Shop Sleeve Boring Machine $9,000.00*
RPB 200 Production Sleeve Boring Machine

       The RPB 100 sleeve boring machine was originally developed 20 years ago for boring and sleeving power steering gear boxes. Production demand was low for steering gear boxes, so this affordable, yet precise, boring machine was exactly what rebuilders wanted. Today, there are rebuilders with tighter budgets or a small demand for boring gears, so we now offer additional tooling packages for the RPB 100 to bore and sleeve rack and pinions too. The boring machine comes complete with a boring mill, machine base and coolant system. Each family of boring tools is sold separately and can be ordered as needed. The machining time for complete set up, boring and sleeving of any steering gear is approximately three minutes. The tolerance for the bored hole is +/- .0005" diameter and the concentricity is within .0015". The tooling packages for both the RPB 100 and our RPB 200 production boring system are the same. So with an additional investment of the production air clamping fixture and drill bushing, you can upgrade your RPB 100 to our RPB 200 at any time.

Power requirements. (Other voltages available) 110 volts AC, 1 phase, 60 cycle
Space requirements 36" X 36" x 70" HT.
Weight 900 pounds
Delivery 4 weeks


Boring machine w/mist coolant system and machine base $4,600.00
Master base plate package  $3,400.00
Economy Ford tooling package  $875.00
Economy TRW/CAM tooling package $775.00
Economy Saginaw tooling package $675.00
Saginaw gear box tooling package $875.00
Economy ZF tooling package $675.00

 Each tooling package has a boring cutter, and an assortment of base pilot casting locator(s).

* This price does not include tooling for Saginaw gear boxes.